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At Kaitri's we handmake 98% of our dishes fresh for each occasion for 30 to 500+ people. We also Cater for ALL dietary requirements individually. Just let us know what you need. If you cant find your favourite we can add it or if you have a theme we can come up with a complete menu. Please remember to let us know you dates ASAP so we can pencil you in!

Deluxe Premium Fingerfood Menu From $40.00 p/head

This menu is for the foodies out their. Fantastic for those who have a refined palate, who really enjoy beautiful food. We can also arrange a meeting and design a menu just for you if this menu does not suit. All dietary requirements are catered for individually. ALL MENUS CAN BE ALTERED OR ITEMS CAN BE ADDED ON. PLEASE CONTACT FOR A QUOTE ON YOUR EVENT!

Cold Deluxe Premium Options

Choose between 0-4 cold items

Assorted Sushi, Sashimi and Californa rolls.

A gourmet selection of freshly handmade assorted vegetarian, chicken, beef, fish and seafood sushi, sashimi, nigiri and inari. G/F Veg and Vegan

Roasted Tomato, Crab & Avocado Bruschetta

Roasted Heirloom Cherry tomatoes, Blue Swimmer crab and ripe avocado, garlic bruschetta served on a toasted crostini.

Tiger Prawn with Mango, Rocket & chilli aioli.

Marinated and seared tiger prawns and fresh mango with rocket served on Asian spoons. Topped with a chilli aioli and toasted pepitta seeds.

A selection of Fresh Oysters

Served Natural, Sambal -salt, pepper & chilli, Thai -sweat, sour & salty our soy chilli sauce & Lemon seaweed & sesame - Toasted sesame seeds, seaweed and a lemon sesame oil dressing.

Mexican Tuna Tostadas

Fresh raw tuna served on a toasted tortilla with a avocado mousse and capsicum salsa.

Asparagus Wraps

Tender fresh asparagus, semi sun dried tomatoes and double brie wrapped in finely sliced prociutto.

Smoked Salmon Avocado Egg Rolls

Smoked Salmon, chunky avocado, dill cream cheese wrapped in a omelette. served with caviar and sour cream.

Tiger Parwn, Chicken and Mango spoons

Seared tiger prawn pieces, chicken fillet pieces, mushroom and fresh mango mixed together with a creme fraiche and served on spoons.

Smoked Salmon Puffs

House made profiterole halves filled with a smoked a smoked salmon, lemon, dill mix, topped with triple brie and drizzled with our home made hollandaise sauce.

Beef Fillet or Fresh Salmon Tartare (Danish Style)

Fresh beef fillet or fresh salmon serve on pumpernickel bread or melba toasts topped with finely diced onions and mini capers each with a drizzle of egg yolk .

Deluxe Gourmet Forks

A selection of - tiger prawn, avocado topped with chilli mango, - lamb fillet, semi sun dried tomato, caramelized onion and mushroom with truffle oil and crumbled fetta, - fig, blackberries and goats cheese drizzles with a balsamic reduction.

Deluxe Rice Paper Rolls

A selection of House made fillet steak, smoked salmon, prawn and avocado and chicken fillet Thai rice paper rolls


CHOOSE A SELECTION OF BETWEEN 0-12 ITEMS All dietary requirements are catered for individually.

Deluxe Gourmet Pizzas

Marinated lamb back-strap, shiitake mushrooms, roasted capsicum, fetta, dukkah Parmesan and tasty cheese. - spicy salami, chorizo, bocconici and semi sun dried tomato and spinach. -roasted sweet potato, roasted zucchini, fig and goats cheese.

Assorted Mushroom Polenta Bites

A selection of mushrooms and caramelised onions, infused in truffle and rosemary polenta bites.

Potato and Chorizo Croquettes

Cream mashed potato balls with spicy chorizo filling lightly crumbed and fired till golden. served with our house made tomato chutney.

Turkey Breast and Cranberry Meatballs

Turkey breast mince and dried cranberries made into delicious bites size meatballs.

Crispy Chicken and Avocado Ravioli

Homemade ravioli with chicken and avocado fried till golden and crispy filling served on a spoon with a creamy garlic, bacon sauce.

Peking Duck Lettuce Wraps

Tender Duck pieces with Asian vegetables served on a lettuce cup with a drizzle Hoisin sauce

Duck Fillet Japanese Gyoza's (dumplings)

filled with duck fillet, cabbage and Asian vegetables. these dumplings are steamed and served on a spoon with a special soy.

Mini Pork and Prawn Dim Sims

mini steamed or fried house made pork and prawn dim sims served with our special soy sauce.

Mexican Pulled Pork Tostada's

Slow cooked pork served on a crispy tortilla, with our chunky guacamole, chilli chipotle salsa and drizzled with sour cream.

Slow cooked Pork Belly with Appleslaw

Our signature Dish - 24 hour sous vide pork belly, served on a bed of apple slaw with a drizzle of pork jus with a crackle surprise on the top.

Deluxe Fillet Mignons

Seared and served rare/meduim rare with caramelised onion and mushroom infused with truffle oil with homemade hollandaise dipping sauce

Pork , Prawn and Crab Spring Rolls

a selection of Pork, Prawn, White crab meat, cabbage and carrot main into crispy mini spring rolls. Served with our special soy dipping sauce.

Atlantic Salmon and Thai Fish Cakes

made into mini patties and serve with our garlic aioli.

Mini Beef Wellingtons

Beef fillet with mushroom and pate wrapped in pastry.

3 Cheese Tuna Croquettes

A selection cheese and tuna Croquettes fried till golden brown and served with tomato chutney.

Bacon Wrapped Seared Scallops

Fresh Scallops wrapped in bacon seared till golden and served with our homemade yakitori sauce.

Coconut Prawn Cutlets

Fresh King Prawns lightly coated in shredded coconut and fried till golden. served with homemade tartare sauce.

Avocado and Pork Wontons

Avocado and Pork fillet, cabbage and carrot fried wontons.

Mini Lobster Sliders

Perfectly seared lobster with a little cream sauce served with coleslaw.

Prawn avocado and tomato salsa spoons

Seared Garlic prawns, avocado, garlic with a touch of basil, tomato salsa served on asian spoons

Cheesy Crab Poppers

Blue Swimmer Crab, parmesan and tasty cheese made into creamy balls, then lightly crumbed and fried.

Seared scallops with pickled cucumber and seaweed.

served on a Asian spoon perfectly seared Scollops on a bed of pickled cucumber and topped with sesame seaweed.

Sesame Wasabi Tuna

Sesame seed coated tuna steaks very lightly seared and served with a drizzle of wasabi aioli, pickled ginger and capsicum.

Salt and chilli Calamari

served on a bed of lettuce with sesame chilli oil.

Goats Cheese, Sweet Potato Tart

served with our house made tomato chutney

Crispy Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms with mixed vegetable stuffing, rolled in panko crumbs and lightly fried. Served with our housemade tomato chutney.

Deep Fried Triple Brie

Served with our home made hollandaise sauce.

Lamb Shank Filos

Crispy filo cigars with slow cooked lamb shanks

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