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Grazing tables, Food stations and Festival food items.

Prices from $18.00 p/head min 50 people. DIETARY REQUIREMENTS ARE CATERED FOR INDIVIDUALLY. Please contact for a full quote.

Grazing tables

Grazing tables are the in thing at the moment. You choose from the below items and we will set up a trestle table and design the table full to the brim of your selection so your guests can choose what they are after.

Please inquire if you would like to combine tables

The Antipasto

A selection of ham of the bone, danish salami, pastrami, kabana, tasty cheese, brie, havarti, a selection of olives, sun dried tomatoes, charred capsicum, pickled onions and a selection of biscuits and breads.

$18.00 p/head

The Megapasto

All of the above plus turkey breast, triple brie, aged cheddar, blue castello, feta, fruit cheese, charred eggplant, marinated mushrooms, dried fruits and nuts, homemade crackers, biscuits and fresh breads

$22.00 p/head

The Meatlovers

Ham of the bone, Danish salami, Prosciutto, turkey breast, marinated chicken fillet, Parmesan chicken strips, rare roast beef, roast pork, assorted vegetables, havarti, brie and feta.

$25.00 p/head

The Kaitri's

Fresh tiger prawns, smoked salmon, ham off the bone, Danish salami, kabana, Parmesan chicken strips, twiggy sticks, Triple brie, havarti, aged cheddar, assorted vegetables, homemade dip of your choice, assorted cracker, biscuits and fresh breads

$35.00 p/head

The Dip

An assortment of homemade dips, our extremely popular nacho dip, a selection of crackers, biscuits and fresh breads and assorted vegetable sticks.

$15.00 p/head

Add fresh fruit to any of the above tables

extra $5.00 p/head

Food stations

Food stations are set up in the out of the way spot at your event and food is either heated and served or made to order. Some stations will require a cook to prepare the food. Please check staff prices page.

Station Bruschetta

This station is great for entree or starters. It has a selection of fresh or toasted breads, with build your own choices tomato, feta, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, red onion and garlic, baby bocconici, prawns, mango, bacon and chicken fillet mix

from $14.00 p/head

Station Sushi

Another great entree station with a selection of California rolls, sushi, sashimi, inari, nigiri and rice balls.

from $15.00 p/head

Station Mexican

This mexican station has a selection of nachos with homemade salsa, guacamole and sour cream, soft or hard shell tacos with either with your choice of beef mince, chicken fillet, prawns, slow cooked beef, seasonal fish, vegetable mix. Including all the sides. Price will depend on the choices you make.

from $20.00 per head

Station Spud

The good old baked spud. with this station your guests can choose from a selection of a sweet or normal spud, butter or garlic butter, bacon, our own smokey bbq pulled pork, our slow cooked marinated brisket, tuna, smoked salmon, avocado, caramelised onion, mushrooms, coleslaw and sour cream. Price will depend on the choices you make.

from $20.00 p/head

Station Seafood

This is the station your guests will be most impressed with. Includes fresh prawns, oysters, mussels, smoked salmon, poached salmon also a selection of salads.

seasonal prices

Festival food items

these items are served at our events and festivals and are also very popular to have catered at you next party. Min 50 serves dietary requirements are catered for individually.

Smokey BBQ Pulled Pork Roll

Our very own smokey BBQ sauce mixed through our 12 hour slow cooked and pulled pork.

from $10.00 per serve

Spicy Pulled Chicken Rolls

Chicken breast slow cooked till tender and pulled mixed through our own tomato, smoked paprika, herb sauce

from $10.00 p/serve

Marinated Brisket Rolls

Marinated in a sweet soy and red wine sauce then slow cooked till tender and served in a long roll.

from $12.00 p/serve

Pulled Lamb Rolls

Slow cooked leg of lamb served in a minted jus rolls

from $15.00 p/serve

All rolls served with Kaitri's special coleslaws - appleslaw, pineappleslaw or mintslaw


served with our special cheese sauce, homemade spicy or mild salsa, chunky seasoned guacamole and sour cream.

from $12.00 p/serve

Nachos with Slow Cooked Meats.

Your choice of either smokey BBQ pulled pork, spicy pulled chicken fillets, slow cooked marinated brisket.

from $15.00 p/serve

Savoury Crepe

Served with our special sauce + an assortment of fillings such as chicken, asparagus, prawn, mushrooms, spinach, avocado etc

from $13.00 p/serve

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All prices are gst exclusive

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