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Spit Roasts from $27.00 p/head gst ex

Our Spit Roasts are cooked on site (when available) All salads and all desserts are made by us fresh for your event in our kitchen from locally sourced ingredients. Price will depend on your choices, numbers staff required and where your event is. ALL MENUS CAN BE ALTERED OR ITEMS CAN BE ADDED ON. PLEASE CONTACT FOR A QUOTE ON YOUR EVENT!

1-4 of your choices of meat and 3+ salad & desserts.

Our spits include your choices of meat and depending on your numbers as to how many salads and desserts. They include all condiments, homemade gravy, fresh bread or rolls and also plastic plates, bowls and cutlery. If your require crockery and glassware we will organise for you with a hire company.

Tender Smokey meat cooked on the spit.

Choice of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken or Turkey

Hot or Cold Roast Chicken

Platters of hot or cold roast chicken cut into pieces. (Bone in)

Our Famous Cheesy Bacon Potato Bake

Baked potato with caramelised onion, bacon and cheese mixed through and baked. served with sour cream and chives.

Baked Potato

Oven Baked Potatoes served with sour cream and chives.

Freshly Made Salads.

All our salads are made here at our kitchen from fresh ingredients.The number of salads to choose from will depend on a few things. Please enquire to the right quote.

Cold Roasted Vegetable and Feta Salad.

Assorted roasted vegetables, feta, sun dried tomatoes and fresh spinach mixed with a herb, garlic balsamic dressing.

Traditional Toss Salad

Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber a carrot mixed together with a french dressing

Kaitri's Coleslaw

Green and red cabbage, carrot and crushed pineapple mixed together with our creamy dressing.

Spinach, Mushroom and Tomato Salad.

Fresh Spinach, marinated and fresh mushrooms, bean shoots and cherry tomato salad tossed with a homemade herb dressing.

Asian Greens and Wild Rice Salad.

An assortment of Asian green vegetables with a combination of white and wild rice with a sweet soy dressing.

Moroccan Carrot Quinoa Salad

Moroccan spiced roasted carrot and vegetable flavoured quinoa salad.

Traditional Greek Salad

Tomato, cucumber, red onions and black olives with a traditional Greek dressing.

Crispy Pancetta, Roasted Vegetable and Haloumi Salad

Roasted capsicum, crispy pancetta, roasted eggplant, grilled zuchhini, crispy noodles and fried haloumi and served with home made dressing.

Teriyaki Chilli Prawn, Asparagus, Cabbage and Rocket Salad.

Chilli Prawns, carrot, Chinese cabbage, red onion and rocket served with a teriyaki sesame dressing.

Cold Spring vegetable, spiral pasta salad.

Fresh tender spring vegetables with spiral pasta mixed in a tomato pesto sauce.

Waldorf Salad

Mixed Slices of pink lady and granny smith apples, oranges, celery and walnuts in our homemade creamy dressing.

Traditional Caesar Salad - Chicken opt

small pieces of coz lettuce with crispy bacon, medium boiled egg and Parmesan cheese. topped with crunchy homemade crutons and anchovies served on the side.

Snow pea, asparagus, feta, avocado and cherry tomato


All desserts are homemade fresh for each event. Please contact to find out how many desserts to pick. Depends on you likes and your numbers. Please discuss dietary concerns when picking this menu.

Chocolate Strawberry Gateau

Layers of Chewy hazelnut meringue with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Fresh Fruit Platter or Fruit Salad with creamy yoghurt dip

Seasonal fresh fruit served either on a platter or in fruit salad your choice with our special creamy yoghurt dip.

Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Baked Cheescake with assorted mixed berries and decorates=d with a selection of fresh berries.

Toblerone Cheesecake

This is my personal favourite. A continental chocolate Toblerone cheesecake with swirls of Toblerone on top.

Layered Raspberry Choc Brownie Trifle

Decadent Trifle with a difference. chocolate fudge brownie with raspberry jelly and fresh raspberries and custard.

Baileys Chocolate Trifle

Another favourite. Chocolate mud cake soaked in baileys then layered with chocolate mousse and custard.

Peppermint Pavlova

Golden oldie with a twist and once you taste i you will never go back. My generations old recipe is a much guarded and very much loved one. the peppermint pav it one of the best marshmallow things you will ever taste.

Lemon Meringue Tart

A layer of lemon curd on shortcrust pastry topped with marshmallow.

Hot Apple and Peach Coconut Crumble

Cinnamon apple and peaches mixed together with a toasted coconut crumble on the top. served warm.

Apple, Peach and Apricot Strudel

Served hot with a dollop of cream.

Layered Chocolate Mud Cake with Mousse Layers

Dark chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes layered with milk chocolate hazelnut mousse.

Red Velvet Mud Cake

Moist and dense red velvet mud cake with cream cheese butter cream.

Pumpkin Panna Cotta Tart

Gingersnap macaroon crust with a pumpkin panna cotta filling.

Hummingbird Cake

This moist cake is a mixture of crushed pineapple and Banana, then finished off with a cream cheese butter cream.

Salted Caramel Layer Cake

Layers of brown sugar cake soaked with salted caramel sauce and finished with butter cream.

Peach and Strawberry Trifle

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